Stop. Be silent. Listen to your heart.

Beginning today, you can simply change your life in the pursuit of inner peace. It’s simple and you can do it. Really.

Here is one way to practice an Hour of Quiet:

  1. Sit somewhere that is quiet and peaceful at home or, even better, outside.
  2. For one hour, be quiet. That’s it. No checking cell phones, no phone calls, no computer, no “doing” tasks. Just practice not doing a damn thing.
  3. Let your worries arise, note them, and let them be.
  4. If you really can’t just sit there yet, let your mind wander to these questions:
    • What is Spirit saying to me?
    • What would God have me know?
    • What is causing my discontent?
    • Is there a better way?

Contemplate these things with “a long loving look” at your own life. Your mind may want to run away with worry, shame or blame. Don’t go there. Know that you are held truly in Infinite Love by God/Spirit beyond anything you could ever do or say. It’s free and always available. Let your spiritual imagination simply “see” yourself as the embodiment of kindness and compassion for yourself and everyone else. This is your true self — completely whole, completely free, completely loving and loved, calm and at peace. Savor it.

Some tips for your Hour of Quiet:

  • Turn the computer off.
  • Turn your cell phone off.
  • Turn the music off.
  • Tell anyone who cares you are taking quiet time. No interruptions, please.
  • Put the cell phone, the TV remote, and your car keys in a small box and mark it “SABBATH”. It will all be there in an hour.
  • Set a timer if you need to track the time.
  • Keep a small note pad and pen if you want to write down any words or ideas that arise. (Just a note, not a book, to help you remember.)
  • Simply be.
  • Breathe deeply and quietly.
  • Watch your body become calm.
  • Enjoy yourself.

Try to do it every day. And, if you can’t do it every day, try three times a week and see what happens!