What is a Pilgrimage & Why Go?

A pilgrim is an explorer—on a voyage of discovery, not so much about dogma, but about cultivating a way of healthy spiritual living.

Pilgrimage is a form of intentional spiritual travel that takes us to sacred places on the earth, inviting our hearts to be broken open with freshness. We travel as a beloved community of people to encounter the love of God poured out over the world.

Nearly all the world’s spiritual traditions encourage pilgrimage. For Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus, traveling to sites significant to him and to his apostles, disciples, and followers—like the Holy Land, particularly where major events, miracles, and encounters with the Divine changed lives—remains a powerful experience.

We travel as pilgrims to place ourselves, both physically and spiritually, as close to God and Spirit as we can. By doing so, we strengthen our understanding, belief, and faith.

The beauty and meaning of a depth spiritual experience awaits you as a pilgrim.

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