September 23–October 6, 2019

Faith Episcopal Church invites you on a contemplative, fifteen-day journey, following the footsteps of St. Benedict and St. Francis, in places where God and Spirit revealed a new way of life that changed the world.


  • 6 days in the Italian countryside at the Villa Palazzola with excursions
  • 3 days in Assisi
  • A tour day along the Tiber River and Orvieto
  • 4 days in Rome
  • 2 visits to the Vatican

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce a new spiritual adventure: fifteen (15) days of travel in Italy—one of the most beautiful countries in the world—in the footsteps of St. Benedict and St. Francis.

First, we live in the Villa Palazzola, the splendid former monastery located high above beautiful Lake Albano, that served the Franciscans for more than 500 years. This will be our home while we explore Benedictine spirituality and visit the Castle Gandolfo, Subiaco, Monte Cassino and other sacred sites important to Benedict and his sister, Scholastica.

We then move by coach to Assisi, the beautiful, medieval, hilltop town of St. Francis and St. Clare; the place where pilgrims come to experience the beauty of nature that grounded Franciscan spirituality.

Ancient Rome is our final destination. We enter the the Imperial City, including visits to the great pilgrimage churches devoted to Mary and the Apostles. We will stay in a boutique hotel situated on the Coelian Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome, and just steps from the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. We close our pilgrimage with a general audience with HH Pope Francis and a private guided tour of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Our pilgrimage fortnight is contemplative—inspired by St. Benedict and experienced in a “Benedictine style” of work, study, prayer, and rest. We will take time to savor each experience of our journey, pausing each day for prayer, quiet time, and rest. In addition to worship and prayer in public churches, we will have our own small groups, private spiritual practice and prayer.

We travel as pilgrims to place ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually as close to God and Spirit as we can. By doing so we strengthen our understanding, belief and faith. A pilgrim is an explorer—on a voyage of discovery, not so much about dogma, but about cultivating a way of healthy spiritual living.

The glory of Italy awaits the pilgrim who seeks its spiritual essence.

Your hosts,

Rev. Dawn Vukich, Vicar
Christopher McCauley & Frank Ramirez

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